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Hi Benjamin,

Sorry to be posting here but I dont see where else i can do it.

Could you please tell me what is your view on the King of Thailand. He doesnt seem to be part of the 'Cabal' as he seems to not want Taksin Shinawatra back in the country. Also, I like some of the projects he is involved in (well, was because he is very old now and lives in the hospital). ( I have been living in Thailand for a numbers of years now).

Thank you



On Barrak Obama aka Barry Soetero
from Dr. Jerome Corsi





日航ジャンボ123便 御巣鷹にJAL123便残骸と落ちていたソ連軍機の椅子と酷似した椅子が「ちきゅう」ドリラーズハウスに


May I suggest the book 'The Way Home or face the Fire", Mr. Fulford, please read it and tell others.








J.E. Pierce

Namaste and much appreciation for your wonderful and courageous work. I thank you so much for giving insights to those of us who know we do not receive much of significance from the lying-corporate-controlled "main stream media". May you be blessed always and in all ways. In Truth, Love and Light. :> ) J.E. Pierce Sovereign American

Peter Bisulca

My name is Peter Bisulca, I wrote the Wealth Creation Revelation, What Banks and Brokers Don't want you to know. This is an amazing thing that has happened. I too am frustrated by the waiting for this banking cabal to fall, believe me, I live it and breath it every day. I am a financial adviser for the 4th largest mutually owned investment company in the country. Allow me to elaborate. The Federal Reserve and its Primary Dealers, i.e. the Giant Wall Street Banks have acted as a broker for the US Treasury Department since 1913. When the Treasury needs money, the Federal Reserve issues bonds and sells them via its network of Primary Dealers, these dealers, (the Giant Wall Street Banks) make billions in trading profits at no risk because if they can't sell the bonds to the public or foreign governments, the Federal Reserve simply prints money from thin air and purchases them. I have posted some pages from my book that explains this racket in great detail. The info is presented in a simple and easy format as I wrote the book for ALL people to gain knowledge. The average person can read my book in 2 hours and know everything they need to know about the Federal Reserve as well as learn a simple wealth creation solution for themselves. Book website: www.wcrbook.com, and here is the link that explains the significance of this happening with China: http://www.scribd.com/doc/94623239/How-the-Primary-Dealers-of-the-Federal-Reserve-Make-Fortunes-Off-of-the-Sale-of-New-Treasury-Bonds

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