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Be decerning and remember that using war as a tool of fear for the populous is not working much any more as people have clued into this manipulative tool. However, be fore warned that a new tool that can manipulate the masses is none other than "climate". Think about it!
All over the world the new fear factor is global warming etc. Weather has become so destructive and people are becoming very depressed. Read the book "Creature from Jekyll Island"! It speaks to this ideology and one would be smart to grasp it's explanation. Very simple - kind of like the trogen horse idea. Remember Jesus did say that many people will be fooled. Keep reading and researching. Take a look a who is up for the president of the World Banking position. This is a very huge piece of the puzzle. Who ever the anti-christ is, don't forget there is one who will come before him to pave the way. Obama (obomination) seems to be constructing a pathway within his position as president of US. Don't forget about the Federal Reserve Bank. Remember who started it! Do your homework. Trace back into hisotry to connect the dots! This is how you will see the connections of who the player are etc. Keep up the good works. Cheers

David Alan Dickens

I love you

David Alan Dickens





I've begged you for years to strike this evil cable while the iron was hot. Now they have come for you and soon for all of us willing to live free. The WDS must strike in your behalf. If they release Ben unharmed
the fight will continues in a legal matter. If not they will disapear,one by one until their is none.


I hope you're right about this.
At the moment WW3 seems like an imminent danger
And the perfect guise for depopulation.
Things are happening so quickly...


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111212: 陰謀集団は、自身に向けられている複数の犯罪捜査を無にするため、何とかしてファシスト世界政府を創り出そうと足掻いている。



be safe, ben, you're in the thoughts of many at the moment.


Ben, where are you?
Love and prayers.




Chapter Eighty-Four


The Mideast Rothschild/Queen Elizabeth Agenda

My Dear Ones, this is a very urgent warning. Listen to what I am telling you now. The world is on the verge of very terrible things.

A Vision from our Saviour

Two nights past, as I was praying, our Saviour gave me a vision. In this vision, I saw the Rothschild man of England, Evelyn de Rothschild; and he had left his place beside the Queen of England at the front of a wagon. I did not see any horses at the front of this wagon.

In this vision, the Rothschild man had left the wagon, and was walking around to the side of the wagon, but the Queen remained in her place at the front of the wagon.

As the Rothschild man stood alongside this wagon, I saw that there were two wagons, which were parked alongside the Rothschild wagon and to its rear. From one wagon, the Rothschild man took some very long missiles and loaded them into the back of his own wagon; and from the other wagon, he took two rows of shorter missiles and loaded them into the wagon. This second row was stacked beneath the top row of the long missiles.

I heard him say to the Queen of England, “Better wrap up, it’s about to get very cold.” And, then I saw the Queen of England put on a thick, fur coat.

Immediately, I understood in the Spirit that the long missiles were long-range missiles and that the short missiles were to be used for internal conflicts, and I was thinking that these would perhaps go to Syria, but they may not be going to Syria.

I saw the Rothscshild man climb back into his place at the front of the wagon, alongside the Queen of England, and the wagon supernaturally took off from its position and began to fly through the air, as if it were an airplane.

This wagon landed suddenly and I heard the words, “In Israel’s back yard.” Then, I saw that the Rothschild man quickly left the wagon and went to a small pile of coals. With a shovel in hand, he began to stir the pile of coals. Suddenly and unexpectedly, this small pile of coals erupted into a very great fire.

From this vision, we can see that a smoldering situation in the Mideast is going to quickly erupt into a very great war. Where is this great fire to erupt?

Yesterday, I read that there had been an explosion in or around one of the nuclear facilities in Iran. Was this caused by one of the small missiles that I saw in the above vision? Today, I read that a group of rebels has stormed the British embassy in Iran. We must all be asking ourselves one question? “Did the Brits, under the direction of the Queen of England and her side-kick, Evelyn de Rothschild, order an attack on the British Embassy, to inflame the people to go to war?

Through the escalation of such attacks in Iran, are we seeing a repeat of the rebel attacks, which have plagued the whole Mideast and have destabilized the whole region?

And, although the USA and other nations in NATO took part in the invasion and ruination of Libya and other Mideast nations, these weIl-organized attacks did not originate in this nation. They are the works of the Queen of England and her sidekick, Evelyn de Rothschild. Over and over again, our Saviour has shown me the culprits, who are behind the terrible rush for war, in the Mideast. And, they are none other than the Queen of England and her sidekick, Evelyn de Rothschild. Of course, they have their puppet in this nation, who is President Obama; and he does what they tell him to do.

Have you read the antichrist prophecies on http://www.prophecies.org? If you have, then you know of our Saviour’s teachings. He showed us in the fall of 2008 that Obama is the antichrist. He is a Rothschild and he is a subordinate of the Queen of England.

So, concerning the attack on the British Embassy in Iran today, is this just another false flag attack: one, which may be orchestrated by none other than the British crown?

Oh, would they do such a thing? They have and they will!

Remember the long-range missiles in the above vision. These missiles went soaring through the air with the Rothschild man and the Queen of England. Is this what we are truly about to see? Are we about to see these long range nuclear missiles soaring through the air? Are they getting ready to nuke somebody? Or, will these long range missiles be some other sort of long range missiles? The Lord knows; and he has shown their plans. They are getting ready to greatly escalate this war; and they intend to escalate it quickly.

In addition, we are now seeing an escalation of the cold war. But, why? We know that they all work together to achieve their Satanic goals. Are we seeing something like the false bullying before the wrestling games? Is there really a breakdown in Satan’s kingdom, or are we watching a carefully orchestrated lie?

In addition, we may be already seeing evidence of their use of the smaller rockets, in or around the nuke plant in Iran...


people you are being manipulated and laughed at by these guys. think people this was all supposed to be done in november its almost january and nothing has happend they are stalling waiting for the right alignment in the cosmos to do what ever they have planned next. the more people that wake up will defeat these guys. the way to beat them is to quit giving them your power. they love fear scaring people with wars and all other kind of manipulations stop buying into their lies. you have to realize they are not going to help the human race we have to do it ourselves by all coming together as one

Pete Bragg

Benjamin, I know that This wicked cabal is in distress, never imagining that an awakened populous would arise so furiously aware of their intentions for us! We can not allow this to happen! First of all I was inspired by Your Great Grandfather! He was actually going to help promote Nicola Tesla with His plan for free energy! I believe that that was a most admirable quality! people like the wicked J.P. Morgan and the greedy narcissistic Thomas A. Edison were an obstacle to Mr. Tesla and that Your Grandfather had the ways and means to assist Mr. Tesla in His dream of providing low cost if not free electricity to the world! I feel strongly that this Cabal Blocked that Plan and assassinated your Grandfather! I would like to say thanks and that If here is anything that I can do to assist you in any way, it would be a sincere pleasure as well as an honor to help you, in behalf of Your Grandfather's memory! This very same Cabal is the proponent of the ills of Our Planet! You name it they are the root of it! I appreciate your correspondence on whatever level and it is always good to see that You are Alert and Safe. I look forward to the day that these wicked and sinister people are cast into the prisons which they have built to contain us, The Free Thinkers for Liberty who would rebel against their Tyranny! I am not a religious person and I really despise religion, but I would like for the story concerning "Haman of Esther" to play out here! Where they are caught up in their own wicked and twisted imagined evils toward the lovers of Liberty and it would be heaped upon their own heads! Respectfully and my Best Regards, Pete Bragg


甲申政変、JAL123便、等と同じ構図です。 中国人には注意すべきです。

2011年12月12日 15:16 発信地:ソウル/韓国

クリッピングする拡大写真を見る写真をブログに利用するメディア・報道関係・法人の方 写真購入のお問合せはこちら韓国沖の黄海(Yellow Sea)で互いに船体を縛って逃走する中国の漁船12隻(2010年12月21日撮影、資料写真)。(c)AFP/PARK YOUNG-CHUL

スライドショーを見る【12月12日 AFP】韓国・小青(Socheong)島沖85キロの黄海(Yellow Sea)で12日、違法操業の中国漁船を取り締まっていた韓国海洋警察官が、中国人船員にガラス片で刺され、1人が死亡、1人が負傷した。




Hi Ben:
You might want to read this:
Reagan exonerated for Iran-Contra

by Open Salon

On the 25th anniversary of the Iran-Contra affair, the Freedom of Information Act has allowed the public to view a document that exonerated President Reagan for his actions taken during the Iran-Contra scandal. A previously classified report, written by Associate Independent Counsel Christian Mixter in 1991, concluded that:

It would be difficult to prosecute Reagan for violating the Arms Export Control Act mandating congressional notification of arms transfers through a third country — Israel in the case of the Reagan White House's secret arms sales to Iran in 1985. The reason, said Mixter, was that (Attorney General) Meese had told Reagan the National Security Act could be invoked to supersede the export control act.

The independent investigator concluded that President Reagan was not guilty of any criminal activity even though he found that, “Reagan was briefed in advance about every weapons shipment.” And, he was not guilty only because the Attorney General stated after-the-fact that he “could have” invoked the National Security Act to supercede the legal requirements of the Arms Export Control Act.

That is absurd.

What does selling arms to Iran and using the proceeds to support the Contras in Nicaragua have to do with the national security of this country? Plus, if Attorney General Edwin Meese really felt that it was justified, then why didn’t he inform Congress and invoke the National Security Act at the time that these actions took place?

The answers to these questions are obvious. The Reagan Administration knew that the National Security Act did not apply, and they knew that if they would have tried to invoke it at the time of the shipments that Congress would have prevented them from implementing their dubious scheme.

What is even more absurd is that the results of the independent counsel’s investigation were not made available to the public decades ago. If the American people would have been informed of this extremely questionable exoneration shortly after the Iran-Contra scandal took place, there would have been public protests calling for full accountability.

As it is, last Friday’s article received back page coverage in the media. Front page news was dominated by the Euro crisis, Newt’s rise in the polls and a potential civil war in Egypt. The Reagan exoneration article was lost in the media minutiae.
more here: http://www.degaray.com/?p=1784


There´s a financial war behind the curtain and we only see shadows for most of the time,i believe the strategie behind Merkel-Sarkozy is bad for debt-troubled states in europe right now , but is adressing the question of financial centers like the one in the City!


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. stall stall stall stall stall stall. you guys are so full of shit.

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