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Life Insurance Policies

New financial system would be better i believe than the existed once. Thanks for letting me know about it.

prefer not to Ben

Hello Ben

I stumbled onto a website that has some powerful words of change. One prominent concept that I've actually never heard you mention is the how the reality of super-weapons (quakes, hurricanes, worse, etc) is one of the major justifications the top class uses today to maintain the "them" and "us" situation. It's not just a purely "we're rich and your not" situation it seems. They genuinely think that they are the stuards of the worlds most dangerous knowledge, and if they tell everybody else, they think that "the world will explode," or something like that. They use this rationale to develope all of their global policies to use and abuse everybody, and they get enough buy-in from people to implement their global terror because of this "technology paradigm" issue. There is great clarity in the website below with regard to how to navigate society forward given the reality of super-technology. Specifically, you have to go to the secret knowledge section which is found near the bottom of the chapter 4 section. It's a link called "Online Support" linked within the text of the story. The user/pass = sunset, and it is freely given on the homepage. The word sunset is revealed to mean the "sunset" of the current world order and the beginning of the world order you speak of all the time.



Hello Benjamin,

This is totally off topic, and perhaps even inappropriate given how serious current events are right now. However, out of sheer unabashed curiosity, I'm going to ask any way. Do you know who is responsible for the creation of the Georgia Guidestones? Don't knock yourself out for this one, I take it you're a little busy right now!

Your fellow human being


tony rowland

Ive got some horrific skin disease called morgellans. this shit is straight out of the twilight zone, its one of the bigger coverups out there . no one is saying nothing for years and it rarely gets talked about at all.it needs to come out to the forefront and be dealt with .I feel there is something major its linked to ,and very serious.we know it has alink to killtrails.can we get some real info.does fulford understand anything about this blatent coverup from the government.sure would appriciate anything anyone has on MORGELLANS DISEASE.


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111114: 陰謀グループのメンバーたちは、新たな国際金融システムの導入を阻もうと、ムダなあがきをしている。

先週の頭にあった見せかけのバッドニュースにもかかわらず、新たなる国際金融システムを導入するためのプランは全面にわたって進捗していることを、内部情報の提供者は確かに伝えてきている。生まれながらのエリートたちに代わって大量虐殺や終わりなき戦争を遂行するよりも、この惑星に住まう人々は、貧困を終わらせ、環境破壊を止めて、そして生命を尊重した方向で科学技術の革新を押し進めていくことを選択している。またレッドドラゴン・ソサエティーもしくはMaionaを代表していることを主張する、59の国々に渡って構成されているグループが、この新たな金融システムをサポートするという、規模の大きな助力の申し出があった。レッドドラゴン・ソサエティーは、ニュージーランドのNGAPUHI族の大酋長であり、尚かつそのほとんどが南太平洋地域にある59の国々と2700の部族をつなぐ存在であるHeemi Hau司令によって率いられている。彼らは1700年代に大英帝国と結んだ協定と、さらに古い西暦804年に結ばれた協定に、その主張の根拠を置いている。このことが、止まりを知らない地球規模での覚醒の連鎖における、もう一つの行程となっている。そして覚醒とは、長きに渡って我々の心象に恐怖を刷り込んできた組織的犯罪集団の手から、この世界の差配権を永久に剥奪するという認識に目覚めたことを意味している。

Princess of China

This is where Money dies, humanity push back in the year of Dragon and forms up a "Super Gang" Revolution to kill off greed. Keep informing Ben.

Princess of China

This is very Money dies, humanity push back in the year of Dragon and forms up a "Super Gang" Revolution to kill off greed. Keep informing Ben.


Hi there from france.

I can confirm also that those chemtrails are still going on in france.
Its like a computer running our weather. One day hot and then one day cold. It is so fake. We are tired of those planes spraying chemicals over our head.
Ben could you explain us who is running this crazy project? we would like some names in order to stop them, weather modification is forbiden by european constitution.
We are tired of this corrupted government. And all these pedophiles who runned and abused us for long time in europe.


I really wonder what he is telling us in 3 month, when AGAIN nothing visible has happened, everything got worse and his NIJAS, white, black, green, blue dragons have done nothing other than what they always do - which is nothing. Like all phantasmorgasmns.

oil painting

Thank you for sharing. I completely agree with you. I really like this article. You would probably get more readers if you interviewed controversial people for your blog.


"Would the dragons take what little we have to give to third world people who are much worse off than we? You talk about redistribution of wealth, but what does that mean to people in our position? "

Hi, I'm not Benjamin... but I think it's safe to say the Dragon societies do not want a socialist/neo-communist redistribution of wealth. A dynamic middle class is vital to a healthy economy. If you stop squandering our money on wars, GMO food, bad science and underground bases... humanity's net wealth increases by trillions overnight. After that, our taxes just need to be administered by trustworthy governments. No need for Marxism or complicated economic theory, just a simple redistribution of economic influence.


Yep, this is as usual all very exciting......... but how many more years are we talking about here?? I am pretty much homeless, no job, no future and ready to find a quiet way to leave this undesirable planet.

So, anyone know when this is going to happen? This year, next year??? 5 years?? Sick of the whole thing. Been reading this for 6 years now, always a 'breath away'.............

yeah yeah. Nothing is changing. we still have chemtrails here too.

Starting to wonder if this is all BS or not. Sick of waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting....

Anna Maria Cimatti


The Yellow  Ring


Hoi Benjamin,

On track ... let's do 22e ... O nice !
You know.

Bless you


David Burton

Sorry Ben, I don't believe a word of it!
If you continue to work with ANY elitists on this planet you are a fool.
They all have blood on their hands. We have a solution, the ONLY solution Ben. It would certainly help people like Angela C. Adams and even those Polynesian tribesmen.

Read these first:


I hate to say this Ben, but as far as any would be experts, etc are concerned. I have a message for them, WE DON'T NEED YOU AND WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR GOVERNANCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WE HAVE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH!

As for all the chem-trails, etc. WHO PAYS FOR IT? Answer that, stop that money and all the rest will stop.

Angela C. Adams

Dear Benjamin; I have a question for you. We are in the lower middle class here in America, and retired on fixed income. We have two 12year old trucks, paid for. The house is under water financially and we have a mortgage that takes over 30% of our income. After utilities and property insurance, there is only a few hundred left for groceries and other. No savings or safety net. By third world standards, we are very well off. Would the dragons take what little we have to give to third world people who are much worse off than we? You talk about redistribution of wealth, but what does that mean to people in our position? Please do not use my name.


More on the Admiral, a bit of background: http://www.terawhitimarae.maori.nz/2009/08/03/rawhiti-land-war


We need help from everyone. Visualize it.

B. kelley

sounds great but....

and this is no small matter, the global spraying and laying of huge chemicals in our atmosphere continues on a grand scale as I sit here and write this, along with "pulsing" of these unnatural man-made clouds and artificial weather systems being produced and intensified. I believe Thailand is just one more victim of this with the horrific flooding going on there at this time.
I myself have collected what is being "sprayed" and confirmed it consists not only of metallics but nano-particles. It is as if our planet is being systematically terraformed. We are breathing this in and it has and is, causing many different health issues depending on age/health/exposure and ones genetic makeup.

these haarp facilities need to be "dismantled" as soon as possible along with this entire global fleet of aircraft and from what I have discerned, also satellites which are all participating in this. The very air we breathe is compromised and this Heinous act being perpetrated on this entire planet is appalling. Yet it goes on and on.......

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